Sunday, 13 December 2015

Twisted Krissmuss

*Serendipity* is at The Twisted Krissmuss Event
Here are the Twisted Krissmuss Exclusives, get the set for only 100L, These are TRANS only, so you can buy it and transfer the other to your partner, a friend, or a relative. How neat is that!!
Gabriel and Gabriella Winter Vest comes in Silver, Red and Gold.
Hurry on down before the event ends
Gachas also available

Monday, 30 November 2015

Let It Snow Hunt

*Serendipity* is in the Let It Snow Hunt
I have made for the men  Noel Sweater and for the women Noelle Jacket
Come and grab them both for just 1L 
Hunt Starts December 1st
Hunt Ends December 31st

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Sunday, 13 September 2015

New Items in Store

Hey all, new items out now in store, the Jonas Shirt and the Paddy Jeans London, both come with a texture hud, both at the price of  L$149

Deacon xoxo

Friday, 7 August 2015

*Serendipity* @ HSe The Ancient One Returns

Hey Everyone, here are all the Exclusives from *Serendipity* all the items are available at the HSe which starts on August 8th - 22nd, all items are marked at 99L, go grab them while you have the chance too, who knows if they will end up in the store or not :D

As you can see the Hidden Dragon Tees come in a variety of colors

These Unisex earrings also come in many colors, and can also be used not just for earrings but for many other options, such as lip piercings, neck piercings etc, just to name a few!!!

This is a female top, with mini jacket, that comes with a texture change HUD.

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

#45 Olala

Hey guys, been a while, just wanted to showcase an Exclusive item for the Olala Fair that runs from 1st through till 20th March, plus a few other items, that I thought seemed to go well....


Beyond Persuasion design -- Busy Getting Stronger Mini Dress & Boots -- [Purple]
Olala Fair -- Platinum with Purple Vintage Charm -- Necklace, Bracelet, Earrings & Ring 
Tameless -- Sloan 
7 deadly s{K}ins -- [B] UniQue -- [Jezebel] -- With Cleavage 


Image Essentials -- Graceful Elegance 1 -- [Mirror Pose]
Kaerri -- Rattan Peacock Chair, Table & Plant 

Thursday, 5 March 2015

#44 The Rock Band

I was kindly given some poses from a good friend Chase Frakture [Thank You], I decided to funk it up a bit, as they were Rockband Poses, and of course, I couldn't pose nakkie, so take a look at all the awesome creations from amazing designers, hopefully I created the look of a rockband Thank you everyone for all these wonderful creations!!! 


BRAVURA Homme -- Spring Jacket -- [Denim Grey]
Sneak Peek -- Flow -- Wiz Denim Sweatpants -- [Camo] -- Exclusive 
NoName -- Luke Shoes -- [Slink]  --  [W/Hud]
7 Deadly S{k}ins  -- OMG Gacha -- Storm V4 -- [Rare]
The Mad Hattery -- Johnny Depp -- Fedora Hat -- [Slate]
Add Ons -- Slink Hands -- [Relaxed] -- Slink Feet -- [Flat] 
 Dura-- Boy31 -- [Black]


Frackture Poses -- Illusion Destroy Guitar -- [Rare]


Sneak Peek -- Jumo -- Diva Rocks Complete Outfit -- [Exclusive]
Dress -- Cuffs -- Earrings -- Ring -- Shoes [Slink High]
7 Deadly S{k}ins -- Avril A -- [Taupe]
Dura -- Group Gift -- [Coffee]


Frakture Poses -- Love Song


Sneak Peek -- Lyrical B!zarre -- Oasis -- [Exclusive]
Beyond Persuasion Design -- Broken Soul -- [Slink High]
Tameless -- Hair -- Stevie
7 Deadly S{k}ins -- Callie V2 --[ Apricot]  -- W/Cleavage & Lipstick -- Sinful Red 01  


Frakture Poses -- Sing With Me


SugarBabeZ -- Urbanique Outfit -- Jacket & Chinos -- [Black] -- W/Hud
Beyond Persuasion Design -- Deceivingly Calm Boots -- [Slink Flat] 
The Mad Hattery -- Bruno Mars -- Fedora -- [Brown]
7 Deadly s{K}ins -- OMG Gacha --Storm V5 


Frakture Poses -- Illusion Shred Guitar -- [Rare]

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

#43 Joona

So it's another round of Sneak Peek expect a few post with some amazing exclusives, to kick start we have a new outfit from LRD, which has a textured hud to change the styles off the suit as seen in the picture below....... to be continued


Sneak Peek -- LRD Exclusive -- Joona outfit -- [Black]
Add Ons -- Slink Hands -- [Relaxed]


Image Essentials -- Subtle Male 5


Deacon's Studio

Monday, 23 February 2015

#42 She earned it

Hehe, think I maybe taking being a woman a bit too serious as I couldn't wait to start planning the next outfit for you to see, oh damn I'm missing a bag, anyway swiftly moving on, let's see what we have for you >>>>>


Rowena Designs  -- Jasmin Jacket & Harem Pants -- [W/Hud] & Jasmin Heels -- [Slink High]
.:Glint:. -- Silver Beads  & Spiral Necklace & Bracelets
SugarBabez -- Slink Butterflies Nail Applier
Tameless -- Octavia -- [W/Hud]
7 Deadly s{k}ins -- OMG Gacha -- Avril Taupe -- [Rare]
Add Ons -- Slink Hands -- [Casual] -- Slink Feet -- [High]


Image Essentials -- Earned It 1 [Shown in Pic 1] & Earned It 7 [Shown in Pic 2]
Mesh Chair Included


LM Unavailable -- Deacon's Studio

#41 Deana's Debut

So for the first time, I have transformed Deacon into a woman, "Hmm you say", but but it's only so I can show you more amazing creation!! So, if any of you have any tips, please comment, I've never been a woman before *giggles* Oh and my fiance, Kramer has no idea I'm doing this, he may be in for a suprise hehe!!!


...::KnocKeRs::..  -- 50 Vintage Jeans -- W/Hud & Betsy Collar Top -- W/Hud
7 Deadly s{K}ins -- OMG Gacha -- Waverly -- [Rare] & Lipstick -- [Valentine Group Gift]
NoName -- Jami Heels -- W/Hud -- [Slink High] 
.:Glint:.  -- Heavenly Skies Necklace, Earrings & Bracelet -- [White]
SugarBabeZ -- Slink French Glitter Nail Applier
MarketPlace -- A&A Miley Hair -- [Dark Brown]-- Elegant Updo
Add Ons -- Slink Hands -- [Casual] -- Slink Feet -- [High]


Image Essentials -- Graceful Elegance 1


LM Unavailable -- Deacon's Studio

Sunday, 22 February 2015

#41 Coffee @ Le Petit Bistro

Serenity Style has given me a few items to blog, How about coffee in the morning to start your day in this cute Le Petit Bistro which you can find at The Gacha Mania, also is this adorable CuCu clock available from The Chapter Four, plus under the light set, which is available from the Fantasy Room  New from Bravura Homme is this stylish Leather Jacket which comes in 5 colours each with a colour hud, which allows choices of solid and graphic textures!!!


BRAVURA Homme -- Leather Jacket -- [Grey] & Unisex Sneakers -- [White Laced]
Delirium Style -- Alex Jeans -- W/Hud
7 Deadly s{K}ins  -- Fabian V3
Add Ons -- Slink Hands -- [Relaxed]


The Gacha Mania -- Le Petit Bistro -- [Rare] -- Le Bistro Frame -- Coffee and Cookie -- Le Bistro Chair -- Le Bistro Coffee Bags --  Le Bistro Machine --  Le Bistro Console --  Le Bistro Table
The Chapter Four -- Cucu Clock
Fantasy Room -- Under the light set
Cosmopolitan Sales Room -- LB_Amur4Seasons Tree


Eternal Dream Poses -- Tallula 2 [Pic 1]


LM Unavailable -- Deacon & Kramer's Private Land

Saturday, 21 February 2015

#40 Live from Seattle

I always find it hard to find some nice items for my home, I tend to go to the same stores without venturing out, but since I joined WLTB well what can I say, as you can see from the pictures, I receive amazing items, my home will be fully furnished by the end of the month, also showcasing after 2 years creating furniture, textures and artwork, BPD [Beyond persuasion design] have decided to create  Men, women and petites clothing that reflect their passion, style and desire!! You will see that .:Glint:. has their BOSL Hunt item which the necklaces include free monogramming for the time of the hunt. If your purchase between Feb 14th and Feb 28th!!


BPD -- In other news -- Live from Seattle -- Sweater -- [Blue] & Cargo set
Dura  --  Dura Boy*24
BOSL -- Men & Woman's Forever Heart Necklace -- [Hunt Item]
.:Glint:. -- Men's Red Star Watch --  [Add Some Red Hunt]
7 Deadly s{K}ins -- Elijah -- [Cotton] -- with Hair Base
BRAVURA! Homme -- Unisex Sneakers -- [Black -- White Lace]
Add Ons -- Slink Hands -- {Relaxed] 


Kaerri Maven Homes -- B&W Leather Couch -- Rose Rug -- Glass Coffee Table [Black] -- Lily Bowl -- Rattan Balls -- Potted Camelia -- Sheer Organza Curtain [Pink] -- Tray Table [Black] -- Tray Table --[White] -- Sticks Lamp [Large] -- Sticks Lamp [Small] -- XO Pictures


Eternal Dream Poses -- Tallulah 9 [Pic 2] & Tallulah 1 [Pic 3 & 4]


LM Unavailable -- Deacon & Kramers Private Home

#39 The Runway

I've always wanted to be on a runway, I meant a fashion runway, not a blinking airport runway, oh well, at least I get to showcase some fabulous creations


Du Jour -- Narcisso Suit 
Dura -- Dura Boy*31 -- [Black]
.:Glint:.  -- Men's Round Stud Earrings, Platinum & Gem Collar Button Hole Clip -- [Colour change] & Onyx Skies Lapel Clip
The Mad Hattery -- Coachman Top-hat -- [Grey]
7 Deadly s{K}ins -- Elijah -- [Caramel] -- with Hair Base
Add Ons -- Slink Hands -- [Relaxed] Slink Feet -- [Flat]


Du Jour -- Narcisso Suit 
Add Ons -- Slink Hands -- [Relaxed] Slink Feet -- [Flat]


Image Essentials -- Deacon -- Subtle Male 7
Image Essentials -- Kramer -- Subtle Male 7M
*** Airport sea plane dock***  -- Aeroplane -- Lockhead US V3 -- [Free]