Thursday, 29 January 2015

#30 Man In Black

It's a new round for the Penumbra Sneak Peek, and was I excited to receive the new item from Bravura Homme!! Hell Yes, the suit is called "Man In Black", I instantly thought of "Men In Black". I couldn't wait to start organizing the props and poses for this shoot!!


Sneak Peek -- Exclusive from Bravura Homme -- Man In Black Suit -- [with sunglasses]


!Lybra! -- Adriano Suit Jacket -- [Black]
Nunzio Pants -- [Black]
Redgrave -- Sunglasses -- [Neo]


Marketplace -- Realistic Animated Sculptie UFO -- [Free]
Marketplace -- Alien
Marketplace -- Police Cruise Car
Marketplace -- Ambulance
Marketplace -- Decoration Car -- [Toyota]
Marketplace -- Particle Fire effect & Smoke Collection Script
Marketplace -- RA AK-104 ver 1.0. -- [Free]


Come Soon Poses -- Golden Eye


Image Essentials -- Everytown

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

#29 Strangers on a Train

The title maybe Strangers on a Train, but we are far from strangers, I have known Kramer a while now and I'm excited that he has agreed to be a featured model.Working along side him is a pleasure, and can't wait to see what future blogs we will do. Here we get to present some of Athayus Quan's creations from the store "360". New releases will be out shortly, so be sure to follow my blog if you don't want to miss out. Image Essentials has always been a favorite of mine to take my pics, the land has such beauty, well laid out, and plenty to visit, there is never a place that best suits my post, now I get to blog there wonderful poses too, extremely excited!! Take a look yourself, by using the LM at the bottom...........


Aviator Jacket,
 Denim Ripped Jeans -- [Blue] &
Outlaw Boots


Leather Jacket, with Pants and Boots


Wall to Wall V3 -- [Pose 2] -- Shown by Deacon -- [Pic 1]
Wall to Wall V3 -- [Pose 4] -- Shown by Kramer -- [Pic 1]
Wall to Wall V3 -- [Pose 1] -- Shown by Kramer -- [Pic 2]
Wall to Wall V3 -- [Pose 3] -- Shown by Deacon -- [Pic 2]


The Train -- Evertytown

Sunday, 25 January 2015

#28 "Confidence"

Confidence is generally described as a state of being certain either that a hypothesis or prediction is correct or that a chosen course of action is the best or most effective, I feel that my confidence has grown over the past couple of months as a blogger. How has your confidence grown in SL? Also looking at this pic, I think I needed confidence to be surrounded by those skeletons, hehe!!!


Unique Mini Fair -- Soul Designs -- Daniel Sweater -- [Crimson]
Delirium Style -- Underground Baggy -- [W/Hud]


Image Essentials -- Confidence -- [Pose 5]


Image Essentials -- Castle Ruins

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

#27 "My SL is my Cosmo"

Hey guys, here are a few things I picked up from this weeks round at CSR, I just had to show you how awesome these are!! Head on down as there is so many bargains going on for a whole week, you will certainly not want to miss :)


Cosmopolitan Sales Room -- Tag -- Vest -- thiskidsnotalright -- [White/Silver]
Invictus -- Casual shorts -- [Red]
Tag -- Cap -- [Sex & Candy] I -- Cosmo Group Gift


Cosmopolitan Sales Room -- G I O M E N -- Denim  'Off Shoulder' Coat -- [Blue]
Invictus -- Casual shorts -- [Blue]
Tag -- Cap -- [Sex & Candy] IV -- Cosmo Group Gift

The Colder Water -- Pics taken here

Monday, 19 January 2015

#26 Men Only Hunt

Hey guys, here are a few items that I have picked up from the men only hunt, I hope you all have as much fun as I did in finding these wonderful items. Here is the link to the Men Only Hunt Hints!!! The hunt will run from 10TH -31ST January 2015.



DAPPA -- Hunter Tshirt
Legal Insanity -- Sweat Pants 69
TIMELESS DESIGNS -- Lonestar Leather & Chain Necklace
Elysium -- Dakota Set
Zoom -- Evumark Sunglasses
CUZZY -- Cap -- Mister Jack


Razor -- Drift Heavy Knit -- [Black]
[:: JesyDream ::] -- Casual Capri -- [Grey]
7mad Ravens -- Rangers Hat & Scarf -- [Blue]


::K::  -- Aran Knit Homme/Femme -- [Red]
KENVIE -- Zion Jeans
MINA -- Alex Hair -- W.Beanie
...Scars... -- Knit Gloves --Nordic Dark Brown]
Adjuct -- Jack Readers Glasses

Sunday, 18 January 2015

#25 A Secret Gay Passion [Part 1]

A Secret Gay Passion This blog will feature a short story about two young men. Jayden is a closet homosexual and is petrified to come out as gay to those closest to him. Deacon is an openly gay man who instantly falls in love with Jayden and becomes his saviour and soul mate. This is a story for anybody who has ever overcome obstacles, been in love, felt instant chemistry, felt passion, and believes in soul mates and instant love. It is for anyone who has overcome fear, believes in hope, and most of all loves happy endings. It is a short story that will forever remain in your heart!!!


ATELIER by STEPHANO -- Sweater -- W/Hud
HEYDRA -- Priesley Jeans -- [Dark Blue] -- [Tapered]
BRAVURA! Homme -- Unisex Sneakes -- Available in Black or White with various lace colours [ALL SOLD SEPARATELY]
Add Ons -- Slink Hands -- [Relaxed]


NIVARO -- Dustin Skin -- Summertone -- Hairy/Clean/Bald
.:Cosmopolitan Events & Shopping Town:. -- Invictus -- Casual shorts -- [Black] & Instinct -- Tshirt -- [Black]
Dura -- Boy*56 &  [LANEVO] Hairbase No.04 [Black]
MarketPlace -- ***TF*** - Eagle Shoes for Men (Slink-Flat)
Add Ons -- Slink Hands -- [Relaxed] & Slink Feet -- [Flat]


LM Unavailable -- Deacons Studio

Monday, 12 January 2015

#24 "The Mechanic"

I acquired the Exclusive overalls SOLO from BRAVURA! Homme! in many colours, an my inspiration for the post started from there, they come in dirrent colours (Black, Drak Blue, Light Blue and Turquoise) Thank you Matt!! As soon as I seen them I thought "Mechanic" Hehe. You will find the links below for all items....


BRAVURA! Homme -- Overall -- [Dark Blue]-- EXCLUSIVE
Cosmopolitan Events & Shopping Town [CSR] -- Perch -- Dakota Boots -- [Navy Leather]
Dura -- Boys&Girls* 21
Add Ons -- Slink Hands -- [Relaxed] & Slink Feet -- [Flat]


.:Glint:.  -- Leather Dragon Heart "Dad" Necklace & Silver Watch with Black Face


MarketPlace -- Mechanic -- All Done -- [Used in pic 1]
MarketPlace -- Mechanic - Check the Oil --[Used in pic 2]
MarketPlace  -- *FN* Motorcycle Sit Pose + Wrench -- [Used in pic 3]


Rat Rod's Garage -- Pics taken here

Friday, 9 January 2015

#23 Beauty from the He(Art)

It's so nice when friends recommend your blog to their friends, means i'm doing something right, so thank you Sasha for recommending me, and thank you Stephano for asking me to blog your amazing creations, I am truly honored!! A little something you need to know about Atelier BY Stephano, is that his creations started from the drawings he did in his spare time, and now he uploads them to SL so everyone can see the art he creates on his range of clothing, 100% Original.....


ATELIER by STEPHANO -- Leather Jacket Art Edition -- [W/Hud]
Delirium Style -- Alex Unisex Jeans -- [W/Hud]
URBATIK -- Kapone Cap Purple Graff
*NIVARO- Male Skin Emporium -- Ichero -- Summertone -- [Hairy_Stubble_Hair]
Add Ons -- Slink Hands -- [Relaxed] Slink Feet -- [Flat]


Icons Of Style -- Boys of summer -- [Pose 3] -- [Used in Pic 1]
MarketPlace -- Sitting Pose -- [Mermaid] -- [Used in Pic 2, Large Pic]


SL Harbor La Luna bay City -- Pics taken here

Thursday, 8 January 2015

#22 Hunt

Just a quick blog to show you the new 7ds MOH hunt item , and Bravura Homme item that has been placed in the Menstuff lounge, go grab them while you can, they won't be there long :)

7 deadly s{K}ins -- MOH Exo
Menstuff Longe -- Modern Blazer Outfit
*_*Electric Feel*_* -- Aidonia Shoes --[Black]

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

#21 Frozen

Since it is still winter, within the SL world and within the RL world, I decided to do yet another winter theme, I get bored of trying to find the perfect setting, so this time, I decided to create my own winter wonderland. I could not take pictures of just myself, so with a little help from my good friend and model, Meadow Skye, check out the beautiful pics below!!! I would like to personally thank her, for taking time out of her busy schedule. Muahhhh Deacon xoxo


NoName -- Buck Coat & Harley Boots -- with Texture Hud 
Delirium Style -- Legit Pant --[Cream]
Heydra -- Noel Cap -- [Gray]
7 deadly s{K}ins -- Storm v3 -- [OMG Gacha -- Rare]
MarketPlace -- Ice Skates -- Realistic unisex Ice skates -- With Resize & AO Hud


 NoName -- Becca Coat & Meadow Heels -- with Texture Hud
& Caprice Jeans
Magika Hair -- Shimmer -- [Hud 1]
7 deadly s{K}ins -- Taupe -- [January Group Gift]
MarketPlace -- Ice Skates -- SKk V.4 rm - Knee High Rigged Mesh Leather Boots with 8 Colour Options


MarketPlace -- Standing Hug Couple Pose -- [Used in pic 1]
MarketPlace -- Warm Each Other Couple Pose -- [Used in pic 3]
MarketPlace -- Group Skating v.2 Sync. Skating Ball -- [for 10 avatars] -- [Used in pic 4 5 & 6]


LM Unavailable -- Deacons Private Land

Monday, 5 January 2015

#20 Don't Go Chasing Waterfalls

I was at home yesterday, doing some light reading with one of my closest friends, we look board in the pics that were being taken, So, I asked Nazzie, if she would like to come pose for a blog post, from the pictures, you can see she gladly accepted!!!! So we decided to go chase some waterfalls at the Gorge......


Redgrave -- Leather Jacket Smith [Black] 2 versions, with and without shirt
G I O M E N  -- Kronos Jeans and Rigged Boots [Texture Hud -- Option to hide laces, Belt and Buckle]
Dura -- Boys&Girls37 -- [Black]


Sn@tch -- Carolina Tie Die Sundress with texture hud
Wasabi Pills HAIR STORE -- Anais -- black Coffee, (4 to chose  pancake, wild honey chocolate and black coffee)
.:EC:. Enelya's Creations -- Ysaline heels mesh -- [kit2] comes with foot, and color/texture hud
.:Glint:. -- Onyx Skies jewelry set
Image Essentials -- The Gorge -- Pics taken here

Saturday, 3 January 2015

#19 The Butterfly Effect

The winter weather is still upon, so why not head down to NoName, to pick up this fabulous Levi Hoodie, to keep you warm, when travelling through SL, NoName currently have a 30% off sale which will last for 24 hrs from January 3rd 12pm SLT.

As you can see from the pics below, the Levi Hoodie comes with a multi-texture hud, where you can customize and create the perfect look!!!

NoName -- Levi Hoodie -- With Texture Hud
Dura -- Boy 24 [Black]
Uncertain Smile -- Pose -- Butterfly Set
Add Ons -- Slink Hands Relaxed
Image Essentials -- Bamboo Gardens -- Pics taken here